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Web is the default web browser for GNOME. Web provides a simple and minimalist interface for accessing the internet. Whilst it is developed primarily for GNOME, Web works acceptably in other desktop environments as well.

Note: Web was known as Epiphany prior to version 3.4. The application was given new descriptive names, one for each supported language. The name Epiphany is still used in numerous places such as the executable name, some package names, some desktop entries, and some GSettings schemas.



Web can be installed by installing the epiphany package. If you want to save login passwords, install gnome-keyring.


Blocking advertisements

You can enable filtering by unchecking "Allow advertisements" in application preferences. By default, this will enable the EasyList list and is periodically refreshed.

Note: Due to some missing features, for example element hiding, Web misses to block/hide some ads. See the related bugreport for progress.

Managing Subscriptions

Create the file ~/.config/epiphany/adblock/filters.list and populate it with URLs (see EasyList and Known Adblock Plus subscriptions) in a semicolon formatted list:


On next startup, the application fetches the subscriptions and should create a file for each entry as ~/.config/epiphany/adblock/32-hex.

Web Apps

Web can add web app launchers to GNOME Shell. To manage and remove them, navigate to about:applications in Web.


See the main article: Browser plugins

To find out what plugins are installed/enabled, enter about:plugins in the address bar.


Pixelated fonts

Some websites such as tend to use a bitmap font from X11, named Clean. To disable bitmap fonts, run:

# ln -s /etc/fonts/conf.avail/70-no-bitmaps.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/

Font hinting

Web does not respect GNOME hinting settings, but respects Fontconfig one. Check Font configuration for further instructions.

Ad-blocking does not work

Close Web and delete the current filters configuration:

rm -r ~/.config/epiphany/adblock/

On restart, the filter should be reset.

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