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Troubleshooting: added solution for non-working auto-reconnect after pairing
There are also other projects which provide Wii Remote support for linux. See the [[Wiimote|Wii Remote article]] for the cwiid project.
===Auto-Reconnect is not working after pairing with red sync-button===
It seems that the wiimote needs to be connected directly after pairing in order to store the binding (??) and reconnect automatically to the host.
Use the following sequence in bluetoothctl:
power on
agent on
<press red sync button>
scan on
pair <MAC of the found wiimote, use TAB for autocompletion> # '''note:''' we do not explicitly connect, we just pair!
connect <MAC of the wiimote> # there seems to be a pretty short timeout, so execute this '''immediately after the pairing command'''
trust <MAC of the wiimote>
disconnect <MAC of the wiimote>
The wiimote should disconnect and the power led go off. Pressing the power button on the wiimote should now re-establish the connection to the host without any further actions.
==See also==
* [[Wiimote]]: Cwiid: An older software stack for linux which provides partial Wii Remote support
* []: Developer blog about Wii Remotes