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Install the Guest Additions
After completing the installation of the guest system, install the VirtualBox [ Guest Additions] which include drivers and applications that optimize the guest operating system. These can be installed via {{Pkg|virtualbox-guest-utils}}, which provides {{Pkg|virtualbox-guest-modules}} as a required dependency.
{{Note|The method described in You can also install the Guest Additions via the iso from the [ VirtualBox manual] does not work on Arch Linux guests-guest-iso, resulting in an {{ic|Unable to determine your Linux distribution}} repeated several times as error message. If provied you tried installed this method first and you use on the right solution described above afterwardshost system. To do this, this will failgo to the device menu click Insert Guest Additions CD Image. You will get a [[PacmanThen, in client, do the following as root: #"Failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)" error|file conflict]]: {{ic|mount /usrdev/sr0# bin/VBox*}} and {{ic|mnt/usr/lib/VBox* exists in filesystem}}VBoxGuestAdditions. The solution run After installation is to remove the offending files first with {{ic|rm /usr/bin/VBox* /usr/lib/VBox*}} complete run as root. These files are actually symbolic links to the location where the additions tools were installed; by default, this is {{ic|: # umount /opt/VBoxGuestAdditions-''version number''}}. Remove these files too with {{ic|rm -r mnt# eject /optdev/VBoxGuestAdditions-sr0 Don''version number''}} as they are not needed. Now you can restart the installation from the right method abovet forget to reboot.}}
=== Install the VirtualBox guest kernel modules ===