Steam/Game-specific troubleshooting

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exec ./Harvest
==The inner world==
===Bringing up the inventory or main menu===
Hold the <tab> key.
====Sound support====
Install [ java-commons-codec] from the [[AUR]] to get sound support.
The game has cutscenes. It starts directly with a cutscene before you start the actual game in the backyard. To see these cutscenes you need to use Oracle's Java instead of the openjdk.
Install [ jre] from the [[AUR]] and run
archlinux-java set java-8-jre/jre
as root. Furthermore you need the package ffmpeg-compat. Currently this package is in the community repository.
There seem to be problems with Steam Overlay. Try to run the game directly with ~/Steam/SteamApps/common/TheInnerWorld/
Note that cutscenes open in a new window. So pay attention to that and switch to the new window to enjoy the movies.
See the [ Steam Forums] for details.
==Invisible Apartment==