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Debian-based host: Problems on initramfs reflected
use_lvmetad = 0
This will trigger later an error on boot in the initrd stage, therefore, you have to change it back after the grub generation. In a Software RAID + LVM, steps would be the following:
* After installing all the system, when you have to do all the initramfs (mkinitcpio) and grub thing.
* Change /etc/mdadm.conf to reflect your RAID config (if any)
* Change HOOKS and MODULES according to lvm and raid requirements (MODULES="dm_mod" HOOKS="base udev '''mdadm_udev''' ... block '''lvm2''' filesystems ..."
* Generate initrd images with mkinitcpio
* Change /etc/lvm/lvm.conf to put use_lvmetad = 0
* Generate grub config (grub-mkconfig)
* Change /etc/lvm/lvm.conf to put use_lvmetad = 1
=====Fedora-based host=====